Vanished Lands

The Vanishing. Everything changed after The Vanishing. I woke up one morning and mom was gone. It wasn’t so bad though, she wasn’t exactly a joy to be around. But it wasn’t just her, it was half of everyone. Half. Of. Everyone. It’s as bad as you might think. Planes fell out of the skies, cars without drivers crashed into trees, and people were left with half of their loved ones. What did we do in such a situation? We panicked. Wars followed. But that wasn’t the end of it. Mother Nature took her swing next. She remade the face of the planet. The weather changed. The land turned desolate and barren. We left the cities in order to find land that would support us.

Technology failed and has been forgotten; even guns misfire most of the time. We’ve rediscovered the art of swordplay. And magic, who would have guessed magic, however rare, has found its way into the world. Now we live in a world that reminds me of the stories I read as a kid. Cowboys and Ferals in the wild west; adventure on the high seas; and knights contend with wizards for knowledge of the past.

This world where you can fight on a gangplank in the morn, have a duel with pistols at high noon, and watch a joust in the evening is the world of the Vanished Lands, and we, Ruminant Productions, would be honored if you would share in our vision of the world.

The Rookie

I’d heard about Ferals before. I knew they were out there, somewhere, but I’d never had to fight them, heck, I hoped I never would.

The Hard Times Diaries

What was it like before we founded this city? Well, they were not easy times, let me tell you.

The Books

The original books.

Vanished Lands D20

Vanished Lands – Storyteller Archive Vol. 1

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