Welcome to Ruminant Productions home of the Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Western Roleplaying Game Vanished Lands! Pull up a stool, kick up your boots, and stay awhile.

Where am I?

You are at the main website of Ruminant Productions LLC, a company devoted to creating fun and interesting games for the game community. See we forge the worlds, you share the stories– as we like to say around here. Here you can find all sorts of information about the games we make, as well as who we are, and what we’re planning to do next.

Alright, so what can I do here?

Well, you can read up about our first published game Vanished Lands, a post apocalyptic fantasy western roleplaying game.

You can keep an eye on our news page in order to keep up with the latest changes and updates to both the website, ruminant productions, vanished lands, and our newest… oh wait, can’t tell you about that just yet. But if you want to make sure you know what it is, subscribe to our news feeds to keep up with the latest updates.

We regularly post new content for our games, like Vanished Lands, on our news page but sometimes people miss that stuff, we collect it on our contents page, so check that out for cool stuff to help you play our games.

You can contact us and tell us what you think! We’re always looking to hear what you think about our games, our website, and just about any other topics related to us. We’re vain like that. Seriously though, drop us a line.

Did I forget to mention our contests? Yup. We love to give away stuff. So go check out our contests and see what you could be winning.

And of course, always keep checking back. We’re small right now but we have big plans and you’ll want to see whats coming next.

Who are you?

We are a small company who set off to make a game called Vanished Lands and succeeded. We were so surprised that we decided to go ahead and keep going! Hence the website you are now reading.

In all honesty though, we’re far more interested in who you are. Send us an email and tell us if you’re playing our game, and if not, how can we help you to play our game!

What else?

Well if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. Oh. Did I mention Vanished Lands? It might have skipped my mind. Oh I did? Well good. Keep an eye on the site, it’ll be growing soon!

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